ITR Product Licensing


Thanks for being interested in our product!

You could either purchase a trial license or a full license

Purchasing a trial license:

We understand the importance of choosing the right software program and the best way to do this is to test the product yourself to see first-hand, which products are right for you or your organization.

Our trial or evaluation license is available online and allows you to download and run a fully functioning product for a period of up to 30 days from installation. Trial licenses are only available as Stand-Alone and are for demonstration or evaluation purposes only. They are not to be used for commercial or for-profit purposes.

You will receive a trial license key via e-mail, when pressing the button below


Purchasing a full license:

For ordering a full license please send an e-mail to We will send you a quotation according to your requirements.

When pressing the button below, a license key will be send via e-mail. This license key will become valid after we received a binding order and payment.