eCos port for Atmel AT91SAM9G45 and similar processors

This is an eCos variant that has several important enhancements
Added by BEdl almost 7 years ago

This work is based on eCos 3.0.

It has been developed by Bernd Edlinger At Softing AG
and in parts by Richard Rauch At ITR GmbH.

According to the GPL License we at Softing want to share
this source code with the public.

The key features of this version are as follows:

- support for AT91SAM9G45-EK
- support for AT91SAM9G20-EK
- support for AT91SAM9260-EK
- RedBoot (as second level boot loader together with the Atmel Sam-BA boot code)
- ARM AT91 MMU: added Access Protection against NULL-Pointer accesses
- ARM AT91 MMU: added Code Protection against self-modifying code
- ARM AT91 Code- and Data-Cache: added support
- ARM AT91 I2C: added support
- ARM AT91 Serial: support for more than 4 UARTs
- ARM AT91 ENET: support for multicasts
- ARM AT91 ENET: PHY-Polling or Interrupt-driven detection of Link changes
- ETH_PHY: added support for DP83640 PHY
- ETH_PHY: support for enabling PHY Interrupts
- ETH_PHY: support for Interrupt-driven SMI communication
- Raw Ethernet using AF_PACKET sockets
- recursive Posix- and Kernel-Mutexes
- access functions for request method and header values in httpd
- added fcntl-codes F_GETFL and F_SETFL
- performance improvements in dlmalloc
- Many bugfixes and enhancements in all areas

All changes from the ecos cvs repository have been merged up to 1-1-2012.

The differences to the ecos repository from 1-1-2012 are in ecos-changes.diff
this is easily merged into the latest cvs version.