ETHyOP Server Library

Library for RFC1006 (ISO on TCP), providing Siemens S7 compatible OP Server services.
The library is mainly aimed for embedded systems (ARM processors and others).

Server Demo Application

There is a demo application for Windows systems available, which demonstrates main features of ETHyOP Server library functionality:

How to use the Demo

  • download the demo executable from files tab or by pressing the green download button. There is no specific installer
  • start the demo
  • the demo is accessible over your host computer IP address or locally on your PC by local host address
  • as client you can use Simatic Manager, WinCC, OP-Terminal or our ETHyOP client demo application
  • When working with Simatic Manager, create a configuration for Siemens 315-2PN/DP and enter the IP settings in hardware configuration dialog

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