ETHyOP Library

Library for RFC1006 (ISO on TCP), providing Siemens S7 compatible OP client services.
The library is mainly aimed for embedded systems (ARM processors and others).

Demo Application

There is a demo application for Windows systems available, which demonstrates main features of ETHyOP library functionality:

How to use the Demo

  • download the demo executable from files tab or by pressing the green download button. There is no specific installer
  • start the demo
  • Select menue "Zielsystem->Verbindung(en) konfigurieren" and enter PLC address
  • If you do not know IP-Address of PLC, you could use menue "Zielsystem->Erreichbare Teilnehmer" for scanning the network
  • Enter Variable Addresses in Variable List ( double click on column "Operand" )
  • Go online with menue "Zielsystem->Verbindung aufbauen"

Module Information

Select menue "Zielsystem->Baugruppeninformation" in order to display some module's information:

Available Information in dialog "Baugruppeninformation":

1. Vendor: computed from Vendor-ID. If Vendor-ID is known, Company Name is displayed, otherwise Vendor-ID is displayed

2. State of LEDs

3. Type of PLC

4. Serial Number

5. Animated position of switch

Accessible Nodes

Start a network scan for getting a list of devices on the network.

For using this function, a WinPcap driver needs to be pre-installed ( )
If no WinPCap DLL is found, an error message is displayed.

Current version V1.0.1.1 supports only PN-DCP protocol (accessible nodes for PROFINET).

Status/Monitor Variable

In main window there is a variable list. For Adding/Changing variables double click on first row of any line and enter a valid S7 Address.
Click on "Menue->Zielsystem->Verbindung aufbauen" or on Cyclic Button in tool bar in order to get current values from PLC.

Modify Variables

Modifying Variables is not supported from freely available demo application because of security reasons.
Please ask for unlimited version.

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